Looking for help updating Perl 6 and Parrot part of Perl Myths talk

Carl Mäsak cmasak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 13:46:54 UTC 2009

Tim (>):
> I'd be grateful for feedback on any of the slides, but I'm especially
> interested in updates for:
>    page 73 - Perl 6 implementations
>                I've added Mildew, with links, to the SMOP line
>                anything I should add / change / remove?
>                What's the status of KindaPerl6?

I think Elf could very well be added to those.

>    page 77 - quantity of code writen in Perl 6
>                are there any other significant perl6 codebases?

Again, Elf is a nice, large example. :)

Counting up the lines of code in November:

$ find lib -name \*.pm | xargs wc
    1618    5351   46558 total

So 1600. But as always it depends on how you count:

* Blank lines, comments...
* We have another 1697 lines of tests.
* We've factored out the module HTML::Template so that it sits in its
own project, but those 500 lines of code could still be considered to
be part of November, since they're run when November is.

Depending on what you mean by significant, I'd also like to direct
your attention towards SVG::Plot, proto, Gamebase, CSV, Druid, Form,
HTTP::Daemon, Perl6::SQLite and Web.pm. All of those can be downloaded
via proto.

> Anything else I should add, change or remove? I'm especially interested
> in verifyable metrics showing effort, progress, or use. Ideally graphical.
> Any interesting nuggets that fit with the theme will be most welcome.

Moritz++ and I were talking about making a graph showing the increase
of Perl 6 projects lately. Proto's project.list contains all the
pertinent history, so half an hour with git-log and SVG::Plot ought to
be able to produce something nice. If no-one else takes that as a
hint, I might look at it soonish. :)

// Carl

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