GSoC Immutable Strings proposal proposal

Nat Tuck nat at
Fri Apr 2 20:22:42 UTC 2010

Hey All,

My name is Nat, or Chandon on IRC. I'm a graduate student at the University
of Massachusetts Lowell, and I'd like to do a Google Summer of Code project
for Parrot this year.

After looking at the project ideas list, the Immutable Strings project that
Whiteknight blogged about seemed, not quite as simple as it looks at first
glance, but still simple enough to easily get done over the summer.

After talking to Whiteknight a bit and reading the list archives, it looks
like I might have been a bit slow as other people seem to have had had the
same thought.

In any case, here's a rough draft of an application for the Immutable
Strings project:

In talking to people on IRC, it looks like there might be a more interesting
(but much more complicated) project opportunity in getting threads to work
with Parrot. I plan to write up a proposal for that and post it here as


-- Nat
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