Parrot on RTEMS

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Fri Apr 16 22:29:40 UTC 2010


> I'm not sure I follow here.  The Parrot VM is not designed for real time
> operation, and it cannot provide timing guarantees for several reasons
> (most importantly, our stop-the-world garbage collector).  Without
> multitasking, Parrot cannot be used to control other systems that do
> depend on real time.  So, what role is left for Parrot to fill?

Firstly, if the process is short-lived, disabling the garbage
collector via -G gets us around the issue of not having a real-time
GC. Also, many people have shown interest in getting a real-time GC in
Parrot, and having Parrot on RTEMS gives us a place to develop and
test it.

There is also the fact that everything running on real-time hardware
doesn't necessarily have to be "real-time" at the same time scale.


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