deprecating runcores for 2.3

Michael Hind mike.hind at
Mon Apr 19 11:37:22 UTC 2010


There does not seem to have been much discussion on this issue.

I think it is important at least to get a deprecation notice in before the
release tomorrow.

The various runcores take up room in the executable and have been there for
quite a while, but it seems to me they were set up to determine different
possibilities, and are not being used, at least as far as I can see.

I think it important to keep things like the special purpose runcores.

Do we have any instances of runcores like CGoto, Switch, CGP, Slow or Bounds
actually being used, other than in fulltest.

We removed the jit runcore, because of problems associated with it, and will
probably add a new version at some stage.

As I see it, maintaining different runcores that are not being used is a
tremendous waste of developer resources that we have little enough of as it

Again, I think it very important at least to get a deprecation notice in
before the release, even if we decide not to remove them later.


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