deprecating runcores for 2.3

Michael Hind mike.hind at
Mon Apr 19 22:34:20 UTC 2010

On the basis of this I propose that the following runcores be deprecated:


The Slow (Bounds checking) and Fast runcore should probably be retained,
AFAICS the Fast runcore is the same as the Slow runcore without some of the
checks.  There seems to be some objection to the deprecation of the Slow

The CGoto and CGP runcores require that the compiler support for computed
goto, such as gcc, and is not available with some compilers.

The Switch runcore is set up as a gigantic switch statement.  In terms of
testing make testS runs through 6882 tests as opposed to 7180 for the other

Although the deprecation notice allows us to remove the runcores, any
objections to removal can be considered, and we do not have to remove them.

As I mentioned before, unless the runcores are used, I see no point in
retaining them.

Any further comments before putting in the notice in DEPRECATED.pod?


Michael (mikehh)

Michael H. Hind

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