François Perrad francois.perrad at gadz.org
Wed Apr 21 11:50:12 UTC 2010

I've recently added a t/harness.pir that removes dependencies on Perl
Test::Harness and TAP::Harness::Archive.

It allows to run tests and upload results on Smolder (tar, gzip, curl needed
and don't work with a proxy)

The options for various runcores are not supplied.
The option --jobs is not yet implemented.

The attached patch allows to use it (instead of t/harness) from the
You could run, for example :
    $ parrot t/harness.pir
    $ parrot t/harness.pir --code-tests
    $ parrot t/harness.pir --archive --send-to-smolder

The executable 'tapir' which is an equivalent of 'prove', is also available.
(I reused the name 'tapir' from the leto's project
but if needed this executable could be renamed for example 'parrot-prove')
For example :
    $ tapir t/library/*.t

I need feedback on various platforms.
Currently, the TAP parser is strict and reports many errors
for comment without # in first column.

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