On translations was Re: parrot-dev Digest, Vol 28, Issue 22

Richard Hainsworth richard at rusrating.ru
Fri Dec 17 11:50:53 UTC 2010

This thread highlights two problems:
a) a new contributor to the Parrot project has replied to an email 
digest. As more people are brought on board, there needs to be some form 
of 'welcome package' that outlines how to take part, where to 
contribute, and so on.

Perhaps a standard file could be sent when someone is added to the list 

b) Perhaps a separate 'translation' list should be set up? Traffic on 
parrot-dev regarding translation might increase substantially on 
linguistic topics fairly remote from the experience of most parrot 


On 12/17/2010 02:05 PM, M. Zaur wrote:
> About version of README, I downloaded  current supported release   thats why
> I translated old version of file..
> Anyway  , I will translate last version with all given notes. Also I plan to
> translate online docs , by my oppinion  it is more important than READMEs
>   included   in sources pack, dont you think so?
> P.S. Its first time I take part in opensource project, I dont know  how to
> use message system ( for example what should be in  Subject line of a mail
> ? )
> 2010/12/17 Konovalov, Vadim (Vadim)** CTR **<
> vadim.konovalov at alcatel-lucent.com>
>> Hi.
>> attached was cp1251 and not UTF8, but this is matter of just single "iconv"
>> command, so no problem.
>> Subject line of a mail is also confusing.

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