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Fri Dec 17 12:46:07 UTC 2010

> From: Oleg Sadov [mailto:sadov at] 
> 17/12/2010 15:05 +0400, M. Zaur wrote:
> > About version of README, I downloaded  current supported release
> > thats why I translated old version of file..  
> > Anyway, I will translate last version with all given notes.
> Ok, Zaur -- we made some corrections and changes in 
> translated file for
> synchronization with a current Git's README (see attach). I hope that
> will be helpful to you.

that's much better,
I would suggest correcting a typo and two misplaced comas - please see attached.

(also, I suggest to rephrase translated to Russian "perl 5.9.4 or newer")

> > Also I plan to translate online docs , by my oppinion  it is more 
> > important than READMEs included in sources pack, dont you think so? 
> I think, translated online docs (especially for beginners) is more
> important.

me too.

And I also agree that using special mailimg list dedicated to translations discussions is a good idea.

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