Q: PVMW k10?

Austin Hastings Austin_Hastings at Yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 03:38:03 UTC 2010

James E Keenan wrote:
> Last year there were elaborate plans for us to have a workshop on the 
> Saturday and Sunday before the three days of YAPC.  This workshop was 
> to have been held in some location high on one of Pittsburgh's 
> mountains. The conference center looked quite delightful but, not 
> surprisingly, it fell through -- I think for lack of $$$.  So we ended 
> up having the workshop in the same building on the Carnegie-Mellon 
> campus that the YAPC for-fee classes were being held in.  Which was 
> all the better, as far as I was concerned.

If I weren't being careful with my sarcasm, I might make an analogy with 
Parrot itself. :-)

> I think it's basically up to us, the Parrot developers, to (a) decide 
> what business we want to conduct in a workshop; (b) decide whether we 
> want to have it the weekend before YAPC or the Thursday/Friday YAPC; 
> and then (c) discuss with the conference organizers what space is 
> available at Ohio State in those time periods.
> My own two cents:
> First cent:
> I would like to hear what the Rakudo folks' launch plan for Rakudo* 
> is.  If the launch is on track for April 2010 as pmichaud presented 
> last year, then YAPC::NA::2010 will be the first major Perl conference 
> where we have that "usable subset of the Perl 6 specification" ready 
> for people to play with.  As I argued at our online summit in 
> December, a successful launch of Rakudo* is the best possible 
> advertising for Parrot.
You're right. And what's more, if Rakudo* is available, it might behoove 
for the Parrot conference to fall well after YAPC, to generate some 
enthusiasm. (Although this may be a one shot deal.)

> Second cent:
> Whatever we do decide, I think the fact of having a workshop is even 
> more important than its content.  As I have previously argued, people 
> in an online, open source project need to see each other F2F at least 
> once a year (at least those on a given continent).  In particular, I 
> hope that our project architect and project manager can be at the 
> workshop this year, along with all our board members.

Agreed. I'm not sure what the geographic distribution of Parroteers is, 
tho I have the impression that it's very coastal (with some "south 
coast" representatives in Alabama and Texas).

(I apologize if there's a bunch of folks in the midwest that I'm 

While Columbus might be great for co-location with Yapc, we might 
benefit from a different place if a large fraction of the group won't be 


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