vtable_massacre branch needs more eyes

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 12 12:41:17 UTC 2010

I've done more testing myself and I haven't heard any reports of
failures since this first email went out. I'm going to merge this
branch later today unless any last minute concerns are raised.

--Andrew Whitworth

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 11:56 AM, Andrew Whitworth
<wknight8111 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've completed much of the work in the vtable_massacre branch this
> morning, with help from cotto++ and darbelo++, among others. This
> branch rips out the following vtables:
> PMC* get_bignum()
> void set_bignum_int(INTVAL value)
> void set_bignum_num(FLOATVAL value)
> void set_bignum_str(STRING* value)
> PMC* pow(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* pow_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* pow_float(FLOATVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_pow(PMC* value) :write
> void i_pow_int(INTVAL value) :write
> void i_pow_float(FLOATVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_or(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_or_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_or(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_or_int(INTVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_and(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_and_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_and(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_and_int(INTVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_xor(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_xor_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_xor(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_xor_int(INTVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_ors(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_ors_str(STRING* value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_ors(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_ors_str(STRING* value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_ands(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_ands_str(STRING* value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_ands(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_ands_str(STRING* value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_xors(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_xors_str(STRING* value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_xors(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_xors_str(STRING* value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_not(PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_not() :write
> PMC* bitwise_nots(PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_nots() :write
> PMC* bitwise_shl(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_shl_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_shl(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_shl_int(INTVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_shr(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_shr_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_shr(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_shr_int(INTVAL value) :write
> PMC* bitwise_lsr(PMC* value, PMC* dest)
> PMC* bitwise_lsr_int(INTVAL value, PMC* dest)
> void i_bitwise_lsr(PMC* value) :write
> void i_bitwise_lsr_int(INTVAL value) :write
> Also, we've modified the ops in src/ops/bit.ops and the pow ops in
> src/ops/math.ops to call the appropriate {get|set}_{integer|float}
> vtables to perform the same operations.
> I would like to get some more testing on various platforms and also
> for various projects and HLLs to make sure we aren't losing or
> breaking anything major. I would like to get this branch merged in
> before the weekend, the sooner the better.
> Thanks,
> --Andrew Whitworth

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