Parrot 2.1 releases on Tuesday.

Daniel Arbelo arbelo at
Sat Feb 13 18:40:47 UTC 2010

I tried to mail this last night but failed due to finger stupidity.

Parrot 2.1 will ship on Tuesday, so please limit all further trunk commits to:
    * NEWS and PLATFORMS updates.
    * Documentation patches.
    * Test SKIP-ing and TODO-ing for specific platforms.
    * Critical bug fixes for platforms or HLLs.
Let's hold further branch merges, and focus on testing prior to the
release, so we can shove a stable bird out the door. Of particular
importance, as always, are non-linux, non-x86 and non-gcc platforms. I
urge all testers to be as noisy as possible on IRC about test failures
so we can get our developers to focus on the boring bugfixing instead
of the exciting new features.

Daniel Arbelo Arrocha

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