find_name doesn't obey docs on unbound

Daniel Arbelo arbelo at
Tue Feb 16 05:41:26 UTC 2010

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:15 PM, Perry Wagle <wagle at> wrote:
> find_name (ie, Parrot_find_name_op()) doesn't have a code path to throw an exception if the name is not bound.  It just returns NULL.
> I was invited to repair that, but if I did, all the code that depending on the default behavior not being as documented (its supposed to throw an exception on unbound) would now barf.  I expect that to be a lot.
> How should that be handled?

You should open a ticket for the bug. That will ensure that we don't
forget about it, and if you have a fix please attach it to the ticket
as well, so that we can evaluate it's impact.

Personally, I would consider this a bugfix and fix the code that
relies on this bug to follow the new, correct, behavior. On the other
hand the change might require a deprecation notice to be added, which
would delay the fix going in, but (as the OrderedHash revamp showed)
that can be done now in a branch and merged after the next deprecation
boundary. Hopefully, the shorter time between supported releases will
play in our favor in this case.

Either way, please open a Trac ticket.

Daniel Arbelo Arrocha.

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