[RFC] removing library NCI signatures from core

Peter Lobsinger plobsing at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 22:05:17 UTC 2010

One of my long-term goals in creating nativecall.pir and
opengl_dynamic_nci was to eliminate the need for external projects to
register NCI signatures with core. Once nativecall.pir is part of
parrot's install, I would like to remove all signatures in
config/gen/call_list/misc.in from core. That is, all NCI signatures
previously registered by external projects with parrot core.

I base this proposal on these views:
* parrot core should only contain the minimum necessary to run and be extended
* there will be a new, more flexible (IMHO better) way to get
signature thunks for extenders/embedders
* new signatures should not be registered with core because there's a better way
* old projects are not somehow special, they should use (after a grace
period) the same features made available to new projects

I raised this idea today on #ps, and it was decided that it merited
further discussion.

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