[RFC] removing library NCI signatures from core

NotFound julian.notfound at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 12:27:05 UTC 2010

> * parrot core should only contain the minimum necessary to run and be extended

Be extended how? Generating and compiling C code is a big NO. That way
NCI is not native at all. It kills the posibility of installing pir
modules that use NCI in machines without a C compiler, forcing you to
use some development system and reinstall parrot or parts of it.

And we don't need a native interface to do that, the extension can
just provide functions with signatures that parrot expects or
provides. Just like perl5 extensions.

> * there will be a new, more flexible (IMHO better) way to get
> signature thunks for extenders/embedders

Fine, but in that case let's keep the current way until we have that
other new way.

I like to be able to access any public function in any dynamic library
of the system from pure pir, hand written or generated, without
compiling and installing anything, even with a parrot buit before that
library existed. That's what I believe a Native interface is.
Otherwise is just an extension mechanism.


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