dynoplibs in core or no?

Michael Hind mike.hind at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 17:41:48 UTC 2010

We really need to consider what constitutes the "core" of parrot.

This is what is tested by make corevm/make coretest

Extensions are generally not considered part of the "core".

As regards, dynops and dynpmcs, I would probably not consider them part of
"core", but could go either way.

The changes, both with the ops massacre and opsc, have moved a lot of things
around and I think we seriously need to re-evaluate where we stand here.

In the future, with "lorito", we also need to look at maybe a further level,
"lorito base", "core" and the rest.

I leave this open for further discussion.

Cheers,  Michael (mikehh)

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> > We've had some ping pong'ing code of late regarding the dynop
> > libraries as they've been moved in and out of 'make corevm'
> >
> > If so, we should actually test all of them as part of core, and not
> > just the ones that happen to be in 'corevm' after ops massacre.
> >
> > If not, we should not build them as part of core, and we'll need to
> > examine the various tests that are failing as part of 'make coretest'.
> >
> >
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> > Will "Coke" Coleda
> Part of the reason they were taken out of coretest was because opsc (and
> therefore nqp) were required to build them.  If we want be able to build
> them without building nqp (i.e. without adding nqp to corevm/coretest), the
> best approach would probably be to check the generated dynops C files and
> headers in to svn.
> Christoph
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