dynoplibs in core or no?

NotFound julian.notfound at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 19:41:19 UTC 2010

> Or, given the number and complexity of problems that have ensued, perhaps
> it would even be worthwhile to step back and re-think whether all the ops
> that were moved out of core really should have been moved.  If every
> non-trivial program now needs to load several dynop libraries, is there
> really any benefit?  (I do not mean to prejudge the answer, only to remark
> that it might be worthwhile to address the question, now with the benefit
> of a little hindsight.)

That's not entirely true. Winxed now avoids the usage of the ops moved
to dynops and can compile himself, which is not a trivial task.
However, it does by using the experimental method stdhandle not
approved for permanent presence, otherwise it can't print error

I certainly don't think one must load any dynamic part to be able to
write a diagnostic message. How can you report a diagnose about
failing to load dynops?

Please don't answer "Write diagnostics to standard output".


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