ns_func_cleanup branch, notes

James E Keenan jkeen at verizon.net
Thu Jun 3 23:09:15 UTC 2010

Andrew Whitworth wrote:
> I started the ns_func_cleanup branch the other night because I was
> getting angry at the crap inside src/global.c, so I decided to fix it.

Ah! Would that more people were so motivated!

> ...

> Several other tickets are referenced in TODO notes in this file, some
> of which are very cryptic. I would like to get some eyes on TT #1219,
> #1220, #1221, #1222, #1223, #1224, and #1225. I'll fix any and all of
> these tickets if I can get some clarification on what is needed. If
> these tickets turn out to be bogus (and some are so old, I don't doubt
> that they will), we can close them.

I looked at each of these tickets.  Cet. par., I recommend deleting the 
TODO comments and closing all of them.

A bit of history:  In 2006 or 2007, Paul T Cochrane wrote a program to 
identify all TODO, FIXME and XXX comments and open tickets (at the time, 
RT) for them.  But even at that point in time, many of these comments 
were obscure and ancient in Perl years.

I would propose a simple, two-part rule of thumb:  If you, whiteknight, 
don't understand the point of the ticket, and if no one else speaks up 
for it in 24 hours, then, delete the offending comment and reject the 

Thank you very much.


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