Undocumented C functions

Andy Dougherty doughera at lafayette.edu
Fri Jun 11 15:08:16 UTC 2010

On Thu, 10 Jun 2010, James E Keenan wrote:

> James E Keenan wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks to all. Once I finish revising my YAPC talk, I'll start a branch
> > in SVN just for this. So you can follow along with an svn up.
> > 
> https://svn.parrot.org/parrot/branches/cfunctionsdocs
> Patches welcome!  Code/documentation reviewers:  Please track that branch.
> And I see that Mike has earlier created this wiki page to track progress:
> http://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/CFunctionDocs

I suspect that these two files:


should simply be removed, rather than documented, since I don't think the 
functions they define are used at all.  There is also a big pile of 
Configure.pl machinery that accompanies those files, all also useless at 
present, and which could also be eliminated.

    Andy Dougherty		doughera at lafayette.edu

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