How to inject methods

Allison Randal allison at
Mon Jun 28 20:20:28 UTC 2010

On 6/28/10 10:52 AM, Andrew Whitworth wrote:
> I'm running into a problem in Kakapo caused by the TT #389 changes.
> Kakapo defines a number of extension methods for built-in PMC types
> and injects those methods into the respective classes/pmcproxies.
> However, this mechanism is significantly harder after the TT #389
> fixes and in some cases I haven't found any way to do the things that
> I need.

Could you give us a little more detail on what the problem is? Methods 
should be looked up in the Class, and we provide that introspection 
mechanism. Subs are looked up in the NameSpace and we provide that 
introspection mechanism. And, the class object is stored in the 
namespace, so you can always find the method object even if all you know 
is "I'm looking for method X associated with class Y." It's still easily 
possible to add methods at runtime. The only change is that when you add 
a method (at IMCC compile time or runtime) it is only stored in the 
class, instead of mixed in with the subs and variables associated with 
that namespace.

If the perspective helps you any, NameSpaces are like a kind of retarded 
class that invokes without an instance object. But, if there are to be 
any implementation parallels between the two in future Parrot, 
namespaces should become more class-like, rather than regressing classes 
to be more namespace-like.


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