PMC new init_int, comments and tests welcome

Kevin Tew tewk at
Wed Mar 10 00:40:43 UTC 2010

14:02 < whiteknight> would like to add a new VTABLE_init_int, which 
would allow initialization from an integer
14:03 < whiteknight> Would allow preallocation of things like 
Fixed*Array, Integer, CallContext, etc
14:04 < whiteknight> Coke: you would have to create a throwaway Integer 
PMC to do the same thing
14:07 < Coke> NotFound: new $P1, ['Array'],  5
14:07 < allison> I am in favor or ways to avoid creating intermediate 
throw-away PMCs
14:07 < whiteknight> $P0 = new ['FixedIntegerArray'], 10

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