upgrading parrot's launchpad branch to bzr 2a format

Parth Malwankar parth.malwankar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 11:15:48 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 4:33 PM, Ronald Blaschke <ron at rblasch.org> wrote:
> On 10.03.2010 15:17, Ronald Blaschke wrote:
>> On 10.03.2010 14:45, Allison Randal wrote:
>>> On 3/10/10 5:38 AM, Parth Malwankar wrote:
>>>> <parthm>  hello. i am planning to suggest the lp:parrot owner to
>>>> upgrade the repo format to 2a. whats the suggested way to upgrade an
>>>> lp branch. l believe lp:parrot is an svn imported branch.
>>>> https://launchpad.net/parrot
>>>> <spiv>  I think the owner of the branch can click an "upgrade format"
>>>> button in the web UI now.
>>> The Launchpad admins did the bzr transfer for us, so the owner of
>>> lp:parrot is the "VCS imports" Launchpad team, rather than any of us on
>>> the parrot team. I've sent a request to the admin of VCS imports asking
>>> how to go about the upgrade.
>> I've set the branch owner to parrot-dev, which I think is more
>> appropriate.  Launchpad's branch import service should not be affected
>> by this.  Still, I think only the Launchpad admins can upgrade the
>> repository format.
> Thanks to the great work of the Launchpad admins, the conversion to the
> new repository format is completed and import resumed.

Thats great. Thanks.
I just grabbed my copy :-)


> In case you already have a branch using the old version you have two
> options.  Either upgrade your local branch and set the new parent
> location (which changed because I changed the branch owner to parrot-dev).
>    cd Parrot/trunk
>    bzr upgrade
>    bzr pull --remember lp:parrot
> Note that if you are using a shared repository it needs to be "bzr
> upgrade"d first.
> Or grab a fresh copy.
>    bzr branch lp:parrot
> Former will take a while because the upgrade is a somewhat heavy
> operation, latter needs to pull down about 100 MB.
> Ron
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