pcc_hackatron branch.

Jonathan Worthington jonathan at jnthn.net
Sun Mar 21 12:04:35 UTC 2010

Moritz Lenz wrote:
> Vasily Chekalkin wrote:
>> I whould like to merge pcc_hackatron branch into trunk. I've implemented 
>> last bit - op set_result_info at r45082.
>> Actually, I'll merge it right now with git, so we can always unmerge it 
>> in case of very bad "black smoke".
> Rakudo builds with the attached patch, but autothreading over junctions
> fails:
> $ ./perl6 -e 'sub a($x) { }; a(1|2)'
> ./perl6: symbol lookup error: dynext/perl6_ops.so: undefined symbol:
> Parrot_pcc_fill_returns_from_c_args
The perl6.ops part of the patch is removing stuff that I'd expect needs 
to instead be re-written (the bits for the other files may well be 
correct though).

Please can somebody from the Parrot team who understands the changes to 
handling returns (at least, I guess that's what changed) write a patch 
to get Rakudo updated to use the new way?



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