Build Rakudo with Distutils

François Perrad francois.perrad at
Fri Mar 26 13:36:17 UTC 2010

Find attached a script 'setup.nqp' for building/testing Rakudo.

The library 'disutils' is shipped with Parrot.

This library removes the dependences with Makefile & various make
utilities, and remove the configure step.
And this library simplifies the job of packager, for example
   $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp bdist --version 2010.99
produces an Windows installer on Windows and a RPM on Linux.
The library 'distutils' is well integrated with Plumage (the Parrot ecosystem).

The classic incantations are :
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp update
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp clean
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp build  # build is the default target
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp test # or coretest
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp spectest
  $ parrot-nqp setup.nqp spectest_smolder # or smoke


(Note: I am not a Rakudo committer)
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