GSOC 2010 Proposal: Immutable Strings

Tyler Curtis tyler.l.curtis at
Mon Mar 29 22:39:03 UTC 2010

Hello, I'm a high school senior graduating this year, and I'm
interesting in applying to Google's Summer of Code this year in order
to work on the Parrot Virtual Machine.

, Whiteknight/Andrew Whitworth suggests as a project for GSOC creating
an immutable string implementation for Parrot to replace the current
COW strings. He mentions a few places in Parrot where this would be
beneficial. I'm in the process of preparing my proposal, which I will
post to this list once I finish it, but I wanted to go ahead and find
out what the Parrot dev community thinks about this idea. Would
immutable strings be better than the current copy-on-write strings?

Tyler Curtis

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