[svn:parrot] r49752 - in branches/string_checks: compilers/imcc include/parrot src/io src/pmc src/string src/string/encoding

Reini Urban rurban at x-ray.at
Fri Nov 5 01:45:45 UTC 2010

2010/10/31  <nwellnhof at svn.parrot.org>:
> Author: nwellnhof
> Date: Sun Oct 31 15:02:43 2010
> New Revision: 49752
> URL: https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/changeset/49752
> Log:
> [str] Remove unneeded STRING_validate

I don't like this log message. You have to search the mailing list why
run-time validate is not needed any more.

  "I just created a new branch string_checks that adds more thorough
checks to the contents of strings in various encodings."

More checks or less checks?
This should be in the message:

Always check the contents of ASCII strings in Parrot_str_new_init, and
change the encoding to binary where appropriate.
The checks for Unicode strings are also improved and moved to

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