Getting closer to a proper parrot.git

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Fri Nov 5 04:54:12 UTC 2010


I have been working on converting our current parrot git repo on
github to have proper commit metadata, i.e. converting svn usernames
to names and emails.

Please take a look at :

If you have multiple commit names in that list, please let me know
which one you want to be "canonical", i.e. which one do you want all
your commits to have?

That list was generated from CREDITS, so errors in the list are either
because you commited things under multiple usernames or there is a bug
in my scripts that convert CREDITS into a git filter-branch command.

Please do this as soon as possible, or you will have to deal with some
of your commits being split across different author names. It's not a
big deal, but now is the time to fix it.


Jonathan "Duke" Leto
jonathan at

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