The Parrot Git migration is complete!

Christoph Otto christoph at
Tue Nov 9 07:45:32 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Our migration to Git as Parrot's primary VCS is complete!  You can now safely 
push to parrot/parrot on github, enjoying the benefits of a modern distributed 
version control system and the helpful features GitHub offers.
I apologize for the bumps in the process and the lack of warning as the move 
neared.  parrot-dev and parrot-users failing over the weekend was the latest 
in a series of technical issues that had held up the migration for more than a 
week, so dukeleto and I decided that we'd push the migration through and 
notify people as best we could through other channels.  It worked with only a 
few snags which we've been cleaning up as they're discovered.

Now that the migration is done, there are a few tasks that still need work. 
These are listed in more detail on the wiki[0], but here are a couple that 
would be useful:
  * perform a dry run docs/release_manager_guide.pod
  * remove or update any docs about dealing with svn

Thanks to everyone who made this migration possible.



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