The Parrot Git migration is complete!

Moritz Lenz moritz at
Wed Nov 10 15:18:40 UTC 2010

Am 10.11.2010 16:08, schrieb Will Coleda:
> I don't see this on the wiki - what's the plan for replacing
> 'parrot_config revision' , which is currently used by languages
> targeting non-released versions of parrot to determine if they have a
> new enough version to proceed?
> Right now, this is saying "r1" (under svn, this would have returned
> something like "12345")

Please see

The current plan is to provide three config keys

'revision' for backward compatiblity
'sha1' for the git sha1
a third revision key (not sure yet which name) which contains output 
from 'git describe --tags', which can be used for comparison (albeit a 
bit more complicated than numbers)

Once parrot does that, I plan to update Rakudo's, you can 
steal from there once it's in place.


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