parrot/parrot has lost its last 12 hours of commits

Andy Lester andy at
Thu Nov 11 15:25:55 UTC 2010

About fifteen minutes ago, I deleted the parrot/parrot repo on github.  I meant to delete my petdance/parrot fork.  Oops, bang, entire repo gone.

dukeleto has recreated the repo, but his latest copy of the repo is 12 hours old.  So, if you have made any pushes back to parrot/parrot in the past 12 hours, YOU NEED TO PUSH THEM AGAIN.

The new repo now has new rights.  Whiteknight has set it so the developers team only has Push&Pull access, not adminstrative rights on parrot/parrot.

My apologies for causing a mess.  On the other hand, better now than in the future.


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