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My last question about embedding API actually refers 2 d runtime interaction between my PIR code generator n parrot...want I am saying is that when my code generator transfers control 2 parrot(2 execute d PIR code) I want parrot not 2 display d command prompt(like we av on windows) but 2 transfer its response back 2 my code generator. Why I want this is that my compiler would come wit its output window for showing results of user-executed programs.
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I would recommend that you embed parrot in whatever you are calling
your code, as a subsystem. Then your users only have to install your
(binary) application, and have no Parrot-related dependencies. If they
want to compile your code, then they will need an installed Parrot.

If you want a good example of how to embed Parrot, take a look at
PL/Parrot [0], which embeds Parrot in PostgreSQL.


[0] - http://pl.parrot.org

On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 12:25 PM,  <adekunleadekoya at gmail.com> wrote:
> But I was thinking that an embedded API would more usability sense as I would for instance want my code generator 2 av a mechanism of getting parrot response about d executed PIR...in case there r runtime errors I want parrot 2 expose an interface 4 my PIR code generator so that I could thus display within my compiler output window. This is an important requirement 4 my compiler. Any solution 2 this ?
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> On Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 3:07 PM, adekoya adekunle
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>> But another question...if I target parrot by generating a PIR from my
>> code generator...that means for users of my compiler to be able to run
>> the PIR code that would be invisibly generated by my code generator it
>> means a Parrot VM must run on the user machine  ?   (1)
> Yes. To use the functionality in libparrot, you would need to include
> libparrot with your software, or the user would have to have it as a
> prerequisite on their machines.
>> If yes to above...then how do I package the parrot VM along with my
>> compiler so that a end-user of my compiler that installs my compiler
>> on his machine would automatically have parrot install as well ?  (2)
> Depends on the platform. For windows, there exist binary installers (I
> think?) to get Parrot installed. For linux, you can build from source
> or download packages from various package installers. Some of the
> packaged versions may be a little old, however. If you're on linux,
> you can almost certainly build it from source without much effort.
>> And when my compiler needs to invoke the parrot machine to execute the
>> PIR code generated by my compiler...would i simply call parrot.exe
>> like i do from the command line  ?   (3)
> At the moment, the answer is "YES". You would need to pass the
> generated code to parrot.exe. We are in the middle of creating a new
> embedding API, and when that is ready you will be able to easily call
> libparrot directly from your program.
>> Does parrot support creating  GUI widgets  ?   (4)
> What kind of GUI widgets? Parrot is just a VM, people can write GUI
> applications on top of it with the right plugins, libraries, and
> bindings. I have seen some bindings to get OpenGL and GTK applications
> on Parrot. Others could easily be created too, by an interested
> developer.
> I would very much like to hear about what kinds of things you are
> planning to do with Parrot. Do you use IRC? Developers hang out in
> #parrot on irc.parrot.org if you want to chat.
> --Andrew Whitworth

Jonathan "Duke" Leto
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