Intent to merge branch: pbc_to_exe_direct_output

Bruce Gray bruce.gray at
Tue Nov 16 19:24:47 UTC 2010

Notification as mandated:

As soon as the current 2.10 dust has settled,
I intend to merge my ancient pbc_to_exe_direct_output branch,
which is small enough to directly merge without a call for testers.

The branch changes from in-memory building of strings, to direct file  
The branch reduces the memory footprint of pbc_to_exe by 29% when run  
against perl6.pbc.

$ git log -n 1 --abbrev-commit --pretty=short e80e9ff
     commit e80e9ff
     Merge: 8967056 8ab7a69
     Author: Bruce Gray <bruce.gray at>

         Merge branch 'pbc_to_exe_direct_output'

$ git log -n 5 --abbrev-commit --pretty=oneline 8ab7a69
     8ab7a69 Remove codestring StringBuilder.
     e388ef8 Change all "push codestring" to "print outfh".
     e4c3852 Add outfh to the parameters of all the generate_* subs.
     0db7f4b Move the open() of outfh to before the generation of the  
large PBC string.
     c05bdf4 Creating a branch for reducing the high memory usage of  

Bruce Gray ("Util")

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