Release 2.11 preparations

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at
Fri Nov 19 20:10:47 UTC 2010

Parrot 2.11 is coming out on Dec 21. I'm playing release manager this cycle.

For this cycle I would really like to try to focus on items in
DEPRECATED.pod. We should remove items that have been deprecated for a
long time so that when we release 3.0 in two months it is less
weighted down with old unwanted cruft.

Here are some tickets that (I think) we can easily clear up in the
next month if we can focus a little energy on them: (CodeString PMC) (Auto-vivification of
nested aggregates) (open and close opcodes) (find_lex will not throw exceptions) (in-place string opcodes)

Also there are several items listed as "experimental", and I think
it's time we evaluated some of them and decided whether they should be
kept and supported or deleted. We can discuss these at #ps this
tuesday and in the remaining weeks before the release. Some things, if
we decide to keep them, may require more testing: (GZipHandle PMC. Distutils
relies on it to send smoke reports) (ParrotInterpreter.getpid method) (GC_SYS_NAME option to
interpinfo_s_i opcode) (find_codepoint opcode) (finalize opcode) (PMC Attribute allocation functions) (Parrot_getpid function)

If we can get the deprecated items removed, and get an up/down vote on
the experimental items, we can close 12 tickets without barely lifting
a finger. There are other tickets as well, but I picked a few that I
thought were the easiest to deal with and that could be started

Also, if anybody finds items in DEPRECATED.pod that are not useful,
not beneficial, or not clearly defined we can remove them from the

Besides these items, I have no other special instructions or requests
for the 2.11 release. I think we have some branches that either are
mature and mergeable or could quickly reach that point. I will
probably call a development freeze on master starting December 19th or
so for testing.

Keep up the good work everybody, and make sure you list all your
accomplishments in NEWS so you get credit for the good work you are

--Andrew Whitworth

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