Parrot Developer Summit on 5 December

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at
Sat Nov 20 23:40:59 UTC 2010

We are currently planning the online Parrot Developers Summit
scheduled to take place on Sunday Dec 05 at 2300 UTC in #parrotsketch.
 PDSes are quarterly meetings in which we assess our progress between
supported releases and map out our long-term efforts, particularly
those over the next three months.

We neglected to hold Summits on a regular schedule over the last year,
so many of our contributors may be unfamiliar with the purpose or
format of a PDS.  As mentioned above, a PDS has both a
backward-looking aspect (assessment/retrospective) and a
forward-looking aspect (planning).  Since online meetings are
effective only if they are limited in their length, we propose to
spend no more than 45 minutes on assessing our progress since our last
PDS (11 April 2010) and at least 75 minutes on planning for the 3.0
and 3.3 releases, and beyond.

Because of the limited time and the particular focus on the next two
supported releases we won't be able to discuss every topic in depth.
Before the date of the meeting, people should send suggestions of
topics to discuss to parrot-dev. The PDS organizers and team leaders
will select the major topics to be discussed.  Topics not selected for
the PDS can be discussed elsewhere, such as on the parrot-dev list, in
#parrot, or at the weekly #parrotsketch meetings.

For the retrospective part, we'll be asking questions about what we
have done well as a community, and what we have not done well in the
previous few months. Also, people could present information about
things that we've accomplished as a community in that time. Things
like the number of commits we've had, benchmarked performance trends
over previous months, code metrics from previous months (SLOC, test
coverage, etc) would all be good to present, if anybody is able to
prepare them.

When deciding what to discuss during the planning session at PDS,
preference will be shown towards projects for which there are either
existing plans/designs or for which people are able to write short
opinion pieces. A 2 hour meeting is not suitable for brain-storming
new ideas or creating new designs, but it can be useful for reviewing
existing designs and attracting a team of contributors to help develop
a new project. If you have a project which you would like to attract
some helpers for, or if you have an idea for a new project and want to
build some momentum behind it, this is the time and place to do that.

The best time to hold a Summit is near the time of a supported
release, so we have plenty of time to plan for and implement changes
for the subsequent supported release. If we have a good rule of thumb
for this, scheduling may become more regular and require less effort
to prepare. For instance, the second sunday after a supported release
gives us this schedule for 2011:

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Sunday, May 1, 2011
Sunday, July 31, 2011
Sunday, October 30, 3011

Please come prepared to discuss these dates at the December 5 meeting,
as setting dates for our PDSes in 2011 will be the first item on the

Please send all ideas, questions, or comments to parrot-dev. All input
is appreciated. I look forward to seeing many Parrot developers,
contributors and well-wishers at the PDS on November 5th.

--Andrew Whitworth

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