Are the very old tags are needed?

Gerd Pokorra gp at
Mon Nov 22 02:47:01 UTC 2010


> What is the *actual* reason for getting rid of tags? They mark useful
> points in the history of our codebase.
> Duke

at my point of view the tag "V1" at the top of the list in the browser
is not useful. It is from version 0.0.6. "parrothist.pod" gives the
information: Version 0.0.6 (V1) is from 2002-Jun-04. Always to have this
tag at the top of the list (ahead every new release) makes more
confusion as to give useful information. Simple to delete the "V1" tag
is the best solution at my privat mind. (Would anyone miss this
tag? :-) )

-- Gerd

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