Parrot Benchmarking

Jon Gentle parrot at
Tue Nov 23 14:43:42 UTC 2010

There was some discussions last week about the speed of parrot and being
able to benchmark it.  As it turns out, I had time for a quick and dirty
project, so I built .  I whipped up a quick
sqlite database and catalyst app, and thanks to dukeleto, I'm using
Tool::Bench to actually generate the benchmarks.  I've posted the code onto
github at and I went ahead and attempted to
populate it with benchmarks from each release tag since 2.0.0.

Obviously, it's still pretty young and it has a few flaws.  First of all,
there is no way to submit benchmarks to it, and in fact, at this point, it's
ran manually.  Second, the data points need some context information so it's
obvious exactly what they represent.

Perhaps most importantly, it only has 1 real benchmark.  The rakudo start
time benchmark is broken since I don't have a good way to checkout a
previous rakudo that matches the parrot checkout for a release.  It's not a
problem when I do daily benchmarking, and I could do it manually for the
previous releases, but I'd rather not.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, I'm all ears.  Even better, pull
requests are welcomed.

-Jon Gentle
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