testing needed for branch luben/gc_threshold_adjust

Nick Wellnhofer wellnhofer at aevum.de
Fri Nov 26 18:57:38 UTC 2010

On 26/11/2010 01:54, Luben Karavelov wrote:
> - Different programs have different needs. Bigger threshold gives better
> throughput, smaller threshold gives better interactive behavior.

More importantly, the threshold should depend on the actual memory needs 
of the program. That's why a static threshold or a threshold depending 
only on the amount of system memory is fundamentally flawed.

> Changes in the branch:
> - Parrot_sysmem_amount() return the total installed memory
> - gc_threshold is fraction of total installed memory
> - gc-threshold commandline parameter is used to specify the percentage
> (default 5%). This parameter was already there but it was not used in
> the current GC system.

Do we really expect our users to fiddle with that threshold for every 
program they run? I ported the dynamic threshold to GC MS2 two months ago:


I'd much rather use that than any static threshold. It worked pretty 
well with the old GC.


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