Patches vs. 'git pull'

James E Keenan jkeen at
Tue Nov 30 12:16:25 UTC 2010

In recent weeks, I've begun to receive many 'git pull' requests.  Some 
of these relate to code which is now being developed outside the main 
Parrot repository (  Example:  We 
extracted PIRC from our main repository and placed it in its own.

Others of these requests, however, pertain to code which could just as 
easily be submitted in the form of (a) attachments to post to this list, 
(b) attachments to Trac tickets, or (c) IRC pastes (via 
tools/dev/  Speaking for myself, I find the mechanics of all 
of these easier to deal with than 'git pull' requests.  Example:  Last 
night I was asked to do a 'git pull' for a two-line patch.  It was 
easier for me to simply re-type the code and commit it.

Since (not for the first time) I am questioning the status of git as the 
Greatest Thing in the History of the Universe, I realize I run the risk 
of starting a flame war here.  However, I seem to recall that pmichaud 
said that the Rakudo folks were perfectly happy to accept ordinary patches.

So, again speaking for myself, I'm going to assign a higher priority to 
responding to patches submitted via (a), (b) or (c) above than to 'git 
pull' requests.  In particular, if I'm interacting with people on 
#parrot, I can apply patches submitted via 'nopaste' much more quickly 
than 'git pull' requests.

Thank you very much.


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