Status of the gsoc_nci branch

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Fri Oct 1 08:00:34 UTC 2010


I realized that I didn't have libffi, which is why my src/pmc/nci.pmc was
getting dumbed-down at build time.

After installing libffi, I have some smoke to report:

There are some segfaults, and some "unknown signatures", such as "I" which
causes the bigint tests to fail.

Anybody want to attack these?


On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 12:41 AM, Jonathan Leto <jaleto at> wrote:

> Howdy,
> I just checked out the gsoc_nci branch from our github mirror and gave it a
> whirl. Here are some things I noticed:
> 1) src/pmc/nci.pmc gets modified during the build and a lot of stuff is
> deleted from the file. What's the deal?
> 2) "make smoke" passes
> Is the API considered stable in this branch? If it needs more tests, can
> those be added to it, after it is merged
> to trunk and people play around with it a bit?
> Us PL/Parrot folks would really like to use some of the improvements in
> this branch to call out to Postgres libraries.
> This branch in particular wants gsoc_nci features:
> Duke
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> Jonathan "Duke" Leto
> jonathan at

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