String.reverse and Deprecations

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Mon Oct 11 18:53:23 UTC 2010


It looks like darbelo++ removed the String.reverse VTABLE as part of the
immutable strings in r46290, but I don't think the deprecation policy was

The change is not listed in the history of DEPRECATED.pod, nor is it on or .

Also, the String.reverse is still documented in our PDD's. The Rakudo people
would really like for a String.reverse vtable to exist, and they have no
problem with it returning the reversed value, instead of it modifying
in-place. They have old code that used it that has now stopped working,
which is why I am sending this email.

Unless someone has a very good reason why String.reverse should not return a
reversed copy, I will add it back in a few days.


Jonathan "Duke" Leto
jonathan at
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