Parrot now has access to the GCC Compile Farm

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Mon Oct 11 19:26:22 UTC 2010


I am very excited to announce to everyone that the very kind people at the
Free Software Foundation and GCC have given me access to the GCC Compile
Farm [0] to test Parrot and Rakudo Perl 6. We now have access to many
different platforms to test against. How do we best utilize this resource?
Some ideas I have:

- Set up TapTinder/BuildBot on various nodes of the cluster
- Generate benchmark statistics on some of the beefier boxen
- Work with Rakudo people to run spec tests on some parrot branches that are
close to being merged

The sky is the limit!

Here is an example of a passing smolder_coretest on a Playstation 3 running
Debian in the compile farm:



Jonathan "Duke" Leto
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