Inspiration for our Git Migration

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Wed Oct 20 07:40:27 UTC 2010


This is a good read:

This is the important part:

Lessons Learned

Assuming that there are any projects out there who have not yet
switched to their distributed version control system of choice, here's
a few things to learn from our migration:

    * Start with a Git mirror.
    * Designate a specific "Git migration team". Make sure they have
lots of free time.
    * Your first attempt to migrate will probably fail, so you need to
be prepared for more than one.
    * Changing your infrastructure, workflow, and build tool
dependencies is harder than the repository conversion.
    * Make friends with the conversion tool authors.
    * Write lots of docs about the new tools and workflow.
    * The more history you have on your current system, the more work
conversion is going to be.
    * Things which are broken in your current history are not going to
fix themselves when you migrate.
    * When testing the conversion, make sure to look at more than HEAD
and branch-tips.


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