Parrot 2.9.1 Released

James E Keenan jkeen at
Wed Oct 20 12:29:47 UTC 2010

Christoph Otto wrote:

> Parrot 2.9.1 News:
> - This is a bugfix release to address a excessive slowdown in the Rakudo
> Perl 6 build. If you run out of memory on a box with < 512 MB physical
> RAM, please report it to us.

With the reversion undertaken in 2.9.1, the burden of "unbearable 
slowness" in build times for Parrot and Rakudo have been taken off the 
shoulders of Rakudo and placed back on those of the users of smaller 
resource boxes.

On my machine with 256MM phys mem, I recorded these times:

'make' took          28:54
'make smoke' took 2:08::51

So (to use a distinction employed by chromatic in #parrotsketch 
yesterday), this reversion did not "break" Parrot in the sense of 
causing an error which prevented build or run, but it did make it so 
slow as to render development on this machine unfeasible.

Thank you very much.

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