Need to schedule a Parrot Developers Summit

James E Keenan jkeen at
Sun Oct 31 12:45:54 UTC 2010

James E Keenan wrote:

> My suggestion is that it be held at 1500 UTC on Nov 7.

(Note that in the US and Canada this is the Sunday where we switch from 
daylight savings time to standard time.  So 1500 will come an hour 
earlier with respect to local time than it does today.)

> Does that work for people? Please register your opinions so that this
> can be discussed on #parrotsketch on Tuesday, Oct 26.

This didn't get discussed at #parrotsketch on Oct 26.  Which leads me to 
ask these questions:

* Are we going to go forward with this summit next Sunday?

* Given that we can only hold people's attention for at most 2-1/2 
hours, what shall be our agenda?

* Who (1 or more) will chair the discussion?

Thank you very much.


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