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Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Sun Sep 5 19:53:02 UTC 2010


I've updated my mirror script to ignore branches on github with
slashes (/) in them. So if you want to create a branch
from parrot.git on github, put a slash in it. What I've done to test
this is create the branch leto/testing :

I like the idea of knowing, just from glancing at a branch name, who
created it and who is probably a good go-to person
for the branch. Some open source communities use the "topic/foo"
naming scheme, and some even use "topic/username_foo".

I find that "topic/foo" is redundant. Everything that is not master is
a topic branch. No need to type that a bazillion times.  I think that
in the transition period, while people are still committing to SVN, if
people want to make branches on github, they should use the
"username/branch_name" convention. Once we have moved off SVN, we can
decide to keep it, or not use slashes at all.

Of course, anybody can feel free to fork parrot.git and use whatever
branch naming scheme they want, in their fork. These conventions are
only needed for parrot.git .


Jonathan "Duke" Leto
jonathan at

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