ParrotInterpreter.stdhandle method

Andrew Whitworth wknight8111 at
Fri Sep 17 17:48:21 UTC 2010

The last comment from Allison in that ticket recommends we break up
the stdhandle method, which is not clearly named, into several
individual methods for each standard handle: input, output, and error.
However, NotFound suggested that some other discussion that was not
included in the ticket came to an opposite conclusion: that we should
rip this method out entirely and instead rely on some of the dynops in
the io.ops set. I haven't been able, in a short search, to find any

I've created a branch, "stdhandle_meths", this morning to implement
the former. I've removed the stdhandle method, and replaced it with
three new methods stdin_handle(), stdout_handle(), and
stderr_handle(). I think these are, as Allison suggested in the
ticket, much cleaner, clearer, and easier to use.

I would like to know which is the preferred method moving forward,
before I invest any more effort in this branch. I personally would
prefer the use of the methods to the dynops. I would definitely like
to hear what other people say though before any decisions are made.


--Andrew Whitworth

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