Fundamental issues in porting and to git

Jonathan Leto jaleto at
Sat Sep 18 16:10:18 UTC 2010


Thanks Moritz, that really helps! I can think of one other issue though:

Currently, every Parrot-based project that exists asks parrot_config for the
"revision" key, which it expects to be an integer, and compares it to the
integer stored in the PARROT_REVISION file.

This means that if I change the revision key to be a git SHA1 or the output
of "git describe", these projects will attempt to compare an integer to a
string and fail.

This leads me to think that when Parrot converts to git, the last Subversion
revision number should be stored in the "revision" key, and a new
parrot_config hash key should be chosen to store the output of "git
describe". This way, projects created with the old will continue to work.

Does this sound reasonable? Can anybody think of any gotchas? What name
should we use for the new parrot_config hash key ?


Jonathan "Duke" Leto
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