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Hi guys,

I am writing a small compiler 4 a project and my target is assembly language...when my compiler(written in java) completes its job, I want 2 b able 2 invoke an embeddable assembler that would interprete the target code...I also want the assembler 2 route its output back 2 my java application(ie d IDE that invokes d interpreter).

Can anyone help me with references to good sites and documentation that show how to perform above with java and any assembler?

My development environment is windows.

Pardon my posting this on parrot mailing list but I believe some of the core parrot guys could easily help on this.

I would anticipate your kind assistance on the requests.


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Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 11:00:04 
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Subject: Re: Segfaults building Rakudo

$ make spectest

from today from current rakudo on top of current parrot on x86_64
configured without options finished fine.

t/spec/integration/say-crash.t ................................. ok   
t/spec/integration/substr-after-match-in-gather-in-for.t ....... ok   
t/spec/integration/weird-errors.rakudo ......................... ok   
All tests successful.
Files=548, Tests=27637, 4268 wallclock secs ( 8.95 usr  6.91 sys +
4172.47 cusr 73.60 csys = 4261.93 CPU)
Result: PASS


Am Donnerstag, den 14.04.2011, 16:51 +0200 schrieb Andrew Whitworth:
> Moritz has been seeing segfaults during the Rakudo build/test/spectest
> for the past several days. Bisect shows that they started at the
> imcc_compreg_pmc merge. Other people have seen segfaults appear during
> the Rakudo build, although they are always different for different
> people. I've seen them under certain conditions on my machines, I have
> also received reports of them from plobsing and benabik, maybe others.
> plobsing and I each put in some fixes. I no longer am seeing any
> segfaults, and I don't think plobsing has been either. Moritz is still
> seeing problems, however.
> The problems appear to be GC related, and are therefore triggered by
> differences in memory size and layout. We've seen different results
> when running with the ms2 GC and the gms GC, and also with/without
> --optimize. The problems typically manifest by constant PMCs in
> PackFile* constant segments being collected, and causing segfaults
> when they are later referenced. These problems seem to only appear
> with Rakudo, I haven't seen any reports of similar failures in the
> parrot test suite, in NQP, winxed, or elsewhere.
> I would really like to get a few more eyes on this problem if we can.
> We do have the release coming out next Tuesday. If we can't get this
> issue resolved by this weekend, I am going to back out the
> imcc_compreg_pmc merge so we can have a clean release. Ideally, I
> would like to not have to do that.
> Any help, either in reporting new instances of failure or helping to
> debug/fix would all be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks.
> --Andrew Whitworth
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