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Jonathan "Duke" Leto jonathan at
Thu Apr 28 05:09:16 UTC 2011


> Well, then I've been crazy for 4-1/2 years!  And that makes coke crazy too!
> When I started in Parrot, I was having trouble getting 'make' to complete.
>  Coke showed me how he built Parrot on Darwin (at least at that time):
> CC="/usr/bin/gcc"
> CX="/usr/bin/g++"
> /usr/local/bin/perl --cc="$CC" --link="$CX" --ld="$CX"
> ... and I've followed that religiously ever since, for better or worse.  In
> other words, I've never attempted an "all-gcc" build.
> So what was different about this latest report was that I attempted g++ in
> all 3 slots, not just the last two.

The fact of the matter remains that you are testing "compiling with gcc and
linking with g++", not the very similar "compiling and linking with gcc" or
"compiling and linking with g++" or "compling with g++ and linking with gcc".

They all may detect different bugs and have different behavior across platforms
and environments. It is another variable to take into consideration, is all
that I was trying to get across. Doing both linking+compiling with one of them
is fewer variables than mixing things up.


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