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What would you be TODOing? Our test suite passes on NetBSD.

If you are talking about the intermittent t/pmc/threads.t failure [0],
that is not

You are seeing some failures of this test on NetBSD purely because our NetBSD
smoker submit the most reports (because it is a really fast machine with a
bunch of cores).



On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 8:17 AM, Will Coleda <will at> wrote:
> Reminder, next dev release is this coming Tuesday (feels a little
> early this month!)
> I'd like us to have no recurring failures on smolder going into the
> release. This probably means TODOing some tests for netbsd and not
> much else.
> I know we've merged some branches earlier in the month. Anything left
> that folks want to try to get in before the dev release?
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> Will "Coke" Coleda
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