Parrot Bytecode Debug Segment

Kevin Polulak kpolulak at
Tue Aug 16 03:17:41 UTC 2011

I'm pretty much done picking out the things I like from DWARF. So far, it
looks really good. This is going to be really great and I can hardly hold
back my excitement. Now I need help reviewing the specification and
designing an actual implementation. And remember, now is the time for all
good hackers to come to the aid of Parrot. ;)

I think the idea of this debug format represents exactly what a few of us
discussed at YAPC. That is, "If you were paid to work on Parrot, what do you
think needs to be done?" This is definitely something that needs to be done
to help ensure a brighter future for Parrot.

I will be bringing the subject up at tomorrow's #parrotsketch meeting so
that this project gets recognized as a roadmap goal.

- Kevin Polulak (soh_cah_toa)
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